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Health Care Practitioners with Criminal Charges.

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"Take a Pause" Regulation Amended...

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Monica Felder-Rodriguez, shareholder at Rodriguez, & Perry, P.A. has been elected Chair-Elect of the Executive Council of the Health Law Section of the Florida Bar... Read More >>

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Health Care Clinic Act Amended To Add the Requirement that Clinics Publish a Schedule of Charges for Medical Services Offered to Patients... Read More >>

Legislature Amends Florida's Patient's Bill of Rights Statute to Provide for Primary Care Providers... Read More >>

Amendments to Florida Statutes Provide Clarification for Urgent Care Centers... Read More >>

Adverse Incident Reporting in Office Practice Setting Statute Amended Related to Cataract Surgery... Read More >>

Medical Negligence Statute Amended to Exclude Evidence of Provider’s Failure Under Federal Requirements... Read More >>

Limitations on the Release of Protected Health Information in Medical Negligence Cases... Read More >>

Background Screening of Mental Health Personnel Statute Amended to Provide Exemption for Intermittent Personnel... Read More >>

Background Screening Standards Amended to Allow Employers to Hire Employee During Background Screening Process... Read More >>

Rescreening Schedule for Background Screening Specific to the Health Care Licensing Established... Read More >>

Background Screening Workgroup To Be Established...

Dentists Now Have a Broader Definition of "Health Access Setting"... Read More >>

Scope of Practice for Dental Hygienists Broadened...

Changes to Dental Examination Passed...

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