Health Care Practitioners with Criminal Charges

Any type of criminal conviction may jeopardize a health care provider's license. In many cases, criminal attorneys are not well-versed in the potential ramifications of a criminal conviction on a health care provider's ability to continue practicing their profession. Although nothing in a plea agreement may appear to affect one's license to practice medicine, there are a number of criminal charges that automatically will result in licensure suspension, disciplinary action, or inability to renew your license. We are often retained to consult with criminal attorneys during criminal cases to help reduce the effect of a criminal conviction upon a licensee's ability to practice health care. We also have experience in defending cases involving allegations of health care fraud, overprescribing and medical necessity and are available to assist in those types of cases as needed.

On March 6, 2016, Monica Felder Rodriguez presented lectures at the Advanced Health Law Topics and Certification Review Course for the Florida Bar on Administrative Law and Procedure - Disciplinary Actions and Reporting Requirements and on EMTALA. This course is designed to help prepare attorneys to take the Board Certification exam in Health Law.

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