Obtaining a License to Practice Medicine In Florida

In Florida, the Board typically requires applicants for a medical license to have completed all three parts of the USMLE and two years of residency training in an ACGME accredited program. However, there are many foreign trained physicians seeking to be licensed in Florida who do not meet those requirements, missing either the tests, the training, or both. In some circumstances, depending on the physician's education, training, and experience, a physician may be approved for licensure without passing the examination and/or having U.S. residency training. If you would like to obtain a license in Florida, but are missing one or more of the requirements, you may contact us to discuss the different licensure options available in Florida.

You may also have issues obtaining a license in Florida if you answer yes to any of the questions about criminal history, malpractice history, issues during training, treatment for mental health issues or impairment, or are found to have provided inaccurate information on your application. If you have any issues that may require an appearance before the Board, it is a good idea to have your application reviewed by an attorney before it is submitted, to increase your chances of obtaining a license. An attorney can help determine whether additional information should be presented to the Board in conjunction with the application to resolve any questions regarding issues on the application, and can help you present the application in the best possible way to alleviate any concerns the Board may have when considering the application.

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